TOuch screen interface

for clinician use

Our team was tasked with redesigning both the industrial design & interface design of this medical device. As the lead UX designer on this project, my responsibilities covered usability testing, synthesizing results, laying out the information architecture, rapid wireframing, high fidelity prototyping (Axure RP), leading customer-journey workshops and developing the visual design.


original User interface

  • Small display screen
  • Outdated, illustrated graphics
  • Confusing layout
  • Inconsistent button interactions
  • Small ultrasound imaging
  • Numerical counter for number of treatment lines

Redesigned User Interface

  • Full screen mode
  • Essential controls are easy to find
  • Visual and numerical counter for treatment lines
  • Consistent color coding
  • Enhanced touch gestures
  • Secondary display (tablet) configuration
  • 3D rendered graphics