Analytics Dashboard

for Security Dealers & Central Stations

In the Fall of 2016, then CEO & Chairmen of Honeywell, Dave Cote, mandated that we execute a "blitz" on our biggest competitor... within 90 days. (The original estimate for such a project was 24 months). The directors of each functional department gathered and assembled a powerful scrum team—some members were immediately pulled off of other projects to support this "blitz". I was one of those who received an email on Sunday to fly out to New York the following Monday. I joined the team as the lead interaction designer and the seemingly insane project kicked off in October of 2016.


Our developers from Bangalore, India and Sydney, Australia were also flown into New York. After 90 days, our cross-functional scrum team successfully delivered the MVO of an analytics dashboard. The release of this product not only outpaced our competitor but the timing allowed us to win the Most Valuable Product Award at the ISC West 2017 conference in Las Vegas, NV in April 2017. (ISC West is the largest security conference in the US). 

Part of the success of the project can be attributed to our unique integration of iterative design & user testing into the same agile sprints with development. We were able to visit over 15 customers and design solutions directly following user feedback and UI validation.


Showcased at ISC West 2017

Winner of 2017 MVP Award | Security Sales and Integration

Live Release on April 2017  |

Live Release on April 2017 |


Presenter for 2017 Honeywell Technology Symposium

Hyatt Regency | Minneapolis, MN

User Management system

Animation spec created in Adobe After Effects

Lyric™ Gateway

Security & Home Controller Released in 2016

This was the first product that I got to work on at Honeywell. Coming from an industrial design background, I was able to leverage my experience with designing embedded UI for hardware.

The original Gateway keypad given to us (by engineers) was designed so horribly that when our UX researchers finally put it in front of customers, it yielded a 90% failure rate and super low confidence rating. 

Some of the constraints on this product included a mostly finished board layout, frozen industrial design, low budget and incomplete configuration system. 

My responsibilities on this project included leading the interaction design, creating high fidelity prototypes used in formal usability testing, specifying LED light patterns, button behavior, workflows and creating the final UI artwork for production.