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Scaling UX design for enterprise products

I specialize in scaling UX design across enterprise product teams by
• providing high quality deliverables & visioning
• partnering closely with engineers & product managers
• conducting continuous discovery & validation with users

As a practitioner, my top 3 strengths include rapid concept generation, UI design (IxD) and information architecture.

My previous background in fine arts as a miniature-scale portrait sculptor (attention to details and form) enabled me to become an expert in visual design and UI specification for digital product development. My formal education in industrial design and psychology allowed me to merge my curiosity about human behavior with my passion for solving problems (via design principles and processes)


I use a suite of productivity tools to get things done and track goals. Pixel perfection matters. I enjoy a good debate. I zero out my inbox daily. Coaching and developing others brings me joy.

I am from a big family. I boxed in college and won 2 championships. I have traveled to over 20 countries and lived in the United States (7 states), Mexico, and South Korea.